Vim for Python

shim, vim, emacs
pip install shim==0.1.0


Shim - A vim inspired text editor

This is my attempt at making a text editor. The project started off as a from scratch implementation in Python and has now morphed into a weird mix of Scala (In the form of Scala.js) + Python. I might consider moving the backend from Python to Scala at some point... But there's 120938102 other things I'd like to try first.

Implemented so far:

  • An algorithmically appalling rendition of control-p
  • Super simplistic file browser that resembles a bad nerd-tree
  • Writing to disk / quitting
  • Multiple file windows
  • A Scala.js based frontend (I don't really fancy Javascript)

In the pipeline:

  • Ctag support
  • A proper testing suite
  • Config files

Shim is still very much a work in progress.

Here's what I have so far: current progress current progress

To run:

Add the following to your .bashrc/.zshrc/etc


Install node-webkit see for to see how it's being used.

Add to your path and you should be good to go.