pip install sida-cs228==0.0.3




pip install sida-cs228


Moving the data of the hands to make them standardized

import sida.cs228.standardize as std
data = ... # shape (5,4,6,n)
std_data =

Show one hand, or save it as a file

from import show_hand
data = ... # shape (5,4,6,n)
show_hand(data[:,:,:,0], view_point="front", scale="unit") # show the first hand
show_hand(data[:,:,:,1], view_point="side", scale="fit", fname="hand1.png") # save the side view of the second hand to a png file

Standardizing steps

The shape of the argument data should be: (5,4,6,n), where n can be any integer.

The meaning of the shape is: 5 fingers, 4 bones, 6 coordinates, n hands.

The result of do function will satisfy those conditions:

(1) the base of index finger on the origin,

(2) the tip of the metacarpal bone of the index finger will on the point (0,1,0),

(3) the tip of the metacarpal bone of the baby finger will also on the x-y plane,

(4) the tip of the metacarpal bone of the thumb will be on the +z side.

After standardization, the front view will be like this:

Front view

And the side view will be like this:

Side View

The main source code is in this file: