Manage large and heterogeneous data spaces on the file system.

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pip install signac==1.6.0


signac - simple data management

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The signac framework helps users manage and scale file-based workflows, facilitating data reuse, sharing, and reproducibility.

It provides a simple and robust data model to create a well-defined indexable storage layout for data and metadata. This makes it easier to operate on large data spaces, streamlines post-processing and analysis and makes data collectively accessible.



The recommended installation method for signac is through conda or pip. The software is tested for Python 3.6+ and is built for all major platforms.

To install signac via the conda-forge channel, execute:

conda install -c conda-forge signac

To install signac via pip, execute:

pip install signac

Detailed information about alternative installation methods can be found in the documentation.


The framework facilitates a project-based workflow. Set up a new project:

$ mkdir my_project
$ cd my_project
$ signac init MyProject

and access the project handle:

>>> project = signac.get_project()


You can test this package by executing:

$ python -m pytest tests/


When using signac as part of your work towards a publication, we would really appreciate that you acknowledge signac appropriately. We have prepared examples on how to do that here. Thank you very much!

The signac framework is a NumFOCUS Affiliated Project.