simplydomain is a very basic framework to automate domain brute forcing.

pip install simplydomain==2.0.7


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Subdomain brute force focused on speed and data serialization. SimplyDomain uses a framework approach to build and deploy modules within. This allows for fast, easy and concise output to feed into larger OSINT feeds.

Three Core Design Principals:

  • Easy install - support as many NIX bassed platforms.
  • Pure Python - no other arbitrary set up processes and Python-3 support
  • Expose public API - allows for simplydomain to intergrate into other toolsets.

simplydomain Install

Using PIP Package Managment

pip3 install simplydomain


python3 -m pip install simplydomain

Using to build from source

git clone | cd simplydomain-pkg
python3 -m pip install .

simplydomain CLI tools (Quickstart)

simplydomain supports a bin directory which are installed during the Python Setup PKG install. This now allows users to simply use their terminal of choice to use simplydomain.

To display Help: -h 

To run a basic passive sub-domain search: -all

simplydomain programming API

simplydomain now supports a full