Simso Experiment Plaform client API

pip install simsoexp==1.0.4



Simso Experiment Platform is a web server written in Python / Django hosting a website and an API designed to help researchers to share and run experiments made with SimSo.

There is a central Simso Experiment Platform instance running at : ( It has been open sourced so researchers can also run the platform locally and export their work later to the central instance.


Simso exp

Simso exp is the server running both the website and server-side API.

Client API

The client API is a python package (here) containing components that can interact with the Simso Experiment Platform's web API.

See section Client API Documentation for further details.

The client API requires SimSo to be installed on your computer. pip install simso

Client API Documentation

The documentation for the client API can be found here in HTML format

Examples and code snippets can be found in the index page of any instance running Simso Experiment Platform. (TODO : put production website here)

Server set up

  1. First you need to get the tools needed to install everything : sudo apt-get install git python-pip python-dev mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev; sudo pip install mysqlclient django

  2. Install the database : sudo mysql_install_db sudo mysql_secure_installation

  3. Create the database : mysql -u root -p mysql> CREATE DATABASE simsoexp CHARACTER SET UTF8;

  4. Create a database user for simsoexp. Replace 'password' by the password you want to use for this user (should not be the same as the mysql root account). mysql> CREATE USER simsoexpuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON simsoexp.* TO simsoexpuser@localhost; mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

  5. Clone this github project git clone

  6. Open the file simsodata_server/ and put the username and password you chose for the simsoexp database user.

  7. Open the file simsodata_server/ and generate a secret key using any tool you like (you can use this one)
  8. Create django's super user (be sure to set your working directory to the project's root) : python migrate python createsuperuser

Local use

Use this command to run the server on http://localhost:8000: python runserver

Production environment

Setting up a production environment is beyond the scope of this document. However you can check out this documentation if you're interested.