It helps you convert all the images in the current working directory (os.getcwd()) to a single pdf file

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pip install singleImagesToPDF==4.2



This helps you to convert all the image files in your current working directory (os.getcwd()) to pdf files and merge them (if you want) to be combined in a PDF file format.


Supported File Formats :- JPEG/JPG/PNG Supported Operating Systems :- Linux/Windows Programming Language :- Python3

Using this you can convert all your images gathered (either notes or documents) to a single pdf file.

How to Use?

All you need to do is open your command promt in the required directory(folder) and run: 1) pip install singleImagesToPDF 2) make a python script and add the following lines of code     a) Do the necessary import:-          from singleImagesToPDF.pdfFromMultiImages import pdfFromMultiImgs      b) Make an instance and call the merge function         a = pdfFromMultiImgs()         a.merge()

Follow along the instructions and your images (usually notes/documents) will be merged into a single pdf or keep the single pdfs corresponding to the images as required.

Image Format supported :- JPG/JPEG/PNG

Platform Supported :- Linux/Windows

Use Cases :-

     a) Can be used for merging the images obtained through whatsapp in your computer      b) Can be used to merge the images obtained from mail, or any other place where you can utilize it for