Python project generator

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pip install sire==1.0.4



sire is a command that generates Python 3.7 project templates, with git, travis, mypy (etc.) support.

Version 1.0.4

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Install sire

pip install sire
git clone && cd sire && install


sire --mkdocs --virtualenv --git --exclude=mypy <project_name>

Alternative usages (not recommended)

As Python module:

python -m sire.sire mkdocs virtualenv <project_name>

Or from inside Python (why?):

from sire import sire
sire('project_name', mkdocs=True, virtualenv=True, git=True)

What gets generated

Pure Python:

  • <project_name>/<project_name>.py
  • <project_name>/
  • requirements.txt (with black, isort, flake8 etc)
  • tests/

Optional extras:

  • mkdocs (.readthedocs.yaml, ./docs, .mkdocs.yml)
  • irtualenv (with dependencies installed)
  • git (.git, .gitignore, .pre-commit-config.yaml)

Each of these has an associated flag:

sire -v/--virtualenv -m/--mkdocs -g/--git projname

Other files

  • .coveragerc
  • .travis.yml
  • (a script for running tests and authoring a new version)
  • mypy.ini
  • MIT License
  • .bumpversion.cfg

If you want to skip any of these files, use the --exclude option with comma separation:

sire --exclude=travis,,mypy projname


  • sire actually generated itself.


I don't really expect many other people to want this, because it's mostly tailored to my specific ideas about how a Pthon project should look. That said, if you do find this projet useful, you are more than welcome to submit pull/feature requests!

There are dozens of possible new features that could be added, which I'd personally quite like:

  • a --license option, to choose the correct license file
  • Setting git remote automatically (get github username from git global config?)
  • Deleting irrelevant strings --- if no codecoverage, remove the associated badge for example
  • Probably more code could be automatically generated and added for the main and test .py files

While I'd love to have these in sire, coding them will take me longer than doing it manually a few times. So, unless this repo somehow becomes popular or finds some new contributors, don't expect any of this stuff to get done in a hurry, unless you add it yourself.