Simple sitemap builder

sitemapbuilder, sitemap, builder, http
pip install sitemapbuilder==0.0.7


A simple sitemap builder

The sitemap builder traverses links from a website and constrains itself to the given domain name. The final result will be a simple sitemap deduced from the links visited. The crawler will accept & process only URLs with http or https schemes.

Installation and usage

To run the following command to install the tool:

pip install -U sitemapbuilder

To run the sitemap builder:

sitemapbuilder -u '' -o

Some websites have strong protection and the tool will not work for them:

sitemapbuilder -u '' -o


  1. Generate Graphviz .dot file showing directed links between pages. One can generate PNG/PDF and other image/document formats.
  2. Have configurable decay (maximum depth) to avoid abuse.
  3. Visit web link within the same hostname by default.
  4. Use 5 threads by default and times out after 10 seconds.
  5. Timeout after 5 seconds when fetching a URL.
  6. Handle timeout exceptions when querying a website.
  7. Send a HTTP HEAD request and verify that Content-Type is text/html and charset is either UTF-8 or US-ASCII.
  8. Have a map of visited URLs to avoid revisiting them.
  9. Follow HTTP redirects.

Upcoming features

  • Configure the number of threads and timeout via cmd args.
  • Allow web links from all subdomains.
  • Allow web links from a list of domains.
  • Allow web links matching a pattern.
  • Add an option for hierarchical sitemap instead of directed graph.
  • Use PriorityQueue instead of Queue to process links with higher decay first.
  • Fine-graned info, warn and error logging.
  • Pass seed links from a file.
  • Save to and resume from a DB/persistent data source.
  • Faster concurrency and better performance with asyncio.