Turn a SKOS concept scheme into a JSON dictionary

pip install skosdict==0.0.1


Have you ever wanted to use a SKOS concept scheme as a JSON dictionary, where the key is the familiar legacy code (skos:notation) and the value is the human readable label (skos:prefLabel)? Is the SKOS available in JSON, but instead of idiomatic JSON it's some unusable stew of URIs? If you answered yes to either of these perhaps skosdict is for you.

  "scl": "Sculptor", 
  "cot": "Contestant-appellant", 
  "ivr": "Interviewer", 
  "pth": "Patent holder", 
  "uvp": "University place", 
  "lso": "Licensor", 
  "drm": "Draftsman", 
  "rth": "Research team head", 
  "pta": "Patent applicant", 
  "dln": "Delineator", 
  "ldr": "Laboratory director", 
  "mfr": "Manufacturer", 
  "lse": "Licensee", 
  "tch": "Teacher", 
  "dbp": "Distribution place", 
  "tcd": "Technical director", 
  "ptt": "Plaintiff-appellant", 
  "itr": "Instrumentalist", 
  "scr": "Scribe", 
  "cll": "Calligrapher", 
  "mrb": "Marbler"

Some examples are included in the examples sub-directory, as well as an file to pull them down. If you know of a SKOS file that would be worth adding please add it, and send a pull request.