Simulates the SL4A Python API for Android

sl4a, android, api
pip install sl4a_pydroid_mock_api==0.4.1


A Mock API for SL4A's Python Android API

This project provides an API to mimic the Python API provided by the Scripting Language for Android project. The SL4A Android API can only be run on an actual Android device, which can make development cumbersome. This project provides an API very similar to the one on Android, but it is designed for use on a desktop operating system such as Linux, OSX, and Windows.

The SL4A Android API is very large and allows you to interact with almost every part of the Android operating system. For each of these features I have to find a similar desktop feature and hook into it. Sometimes there is nothing similar available. Because of this, this project will likely never be able to emulate every piece of the API.

I am building this project as I come across SL4A Python API features that I need to use. At the present time, I am not attempting to simulate the entire API. If you need a feature that hasn't yet been implemented, please fork this project, code it up, and make a pull request. Your contributions will be welcomed.


From your SL4A project's virtualenv: pip install sl4a_pydroid_api

This creates an android module which you can import just like a regular SL4A project.

Further Instructions for Text To Speech (ttsSpeak)

On OSX, it uses the built-in 'say' program. No other action is necessary. If for some strange reason 'say' is missing, you can also install and use espeak.

On Linux, you can install and use espeak or flite.

On Windows, you can install and use espeak.

If no TTS program can be found, it will default to printing the message to the console.

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