Toolbelt for Slack API clients for Web API and RTM API

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pip install slacktools==0.0.5



A toolbelt for working with the various Slack APIs in python.

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Install slacktools with PyPI

pip install slacktools

This library is tested against Python 3.4+. Open an issue if you need this library to work on an older version.


Check out the docs for more info and API documentation.


Running the tests is simple enough:

python test

Or just pytest will do the trick. This will run the tests in the tests/ directory as well as as bunch of docstring tests in the src/ directory.

The Makefile also has some good test commands that will spin up a docker container:

  • make test will run the tests in python 3.7.
  • make test-all will run a series of tests from python 3.7 down to 3.4.
  • make test-{{PY_VERSION}} where PY_VERSION can be any tagged version of the official python docker image will run tests under that python version. Ex: make test-3.5 will run under Python 3.5.


  • Wider python support? This lib only supports python 3 right now. However, if someone needs it, I can add python 2 compatibility.
  • Friendly message builder API?
  • Build deep links into clients

In the Wild

austinpray/kizuna is a silly chatbot that uses this library.