oTree Slider Task.

pip install slider-task==0.1.1


oTree Slider Task

An easy to configure, ready to use slider task for oTree. This is a beta version, you can help to enhance it by submitting issues and pull requests.


pip3 install slider_task

In add slider_task to INSTALLED_APPS

INSTALLED_APPS = ['otree', 'slider_task']

For installing on your server, your requirements_base.txt should include slider_task.

Integrating with your experiment

Add these two import statements at the top:

from otree.db.models import ForeignKey
from slider_task.models import BaseSlider, SliderPlayer

If you want to show your sliders in multiple columns, add slider_columns to your Constants

class Constants(BaseConstants):
    slider_columns = 3
    # ...

Make sure your Player class inherits from SliderPlayer

class Player(SliderPlayer):

Add the Slider class, which inherits from BaseSlider. The foreign key assignemnt is required.

class Slider(BaseSlider):
    player = ForeignKey(Player)

Finally, make sure to call prepare_sliders() for each player when creating the session. Here you can also specify how many sliders you want to show to players as well as their minimum and maximum values which. (The defaults are num=50, min=0, max=100.)

class Subsession(BaseSubsession):
    def creating_session(self):
        for p in self.get_players():
            p.prepare_sliders(num=20, min=0, max=4)

Add these two import statements at the top:

from .models import Slider
from slider_task.pages import SliderTaskPage

Let the page, which is supposed to show the slider task inherit from SliderTaskPage and assign the Constants and Slider objects. Don't forget to include it in the page_sequence.

class Sliders(SliderTaskPage):
    Constants = Constants
    Slider = Slider
    # ...
page_sequence = [