Python library of useful but lonely functions and classes

pip install slytherin==2020.11.12



Slytherin is a collection of useful but lonely functions and classes that don't belong to other libraries.


pip install slytherin



The get_size() method calculates the memory footprint of a Python object recursively.

The exclude_objects argument is a list of objects and is optional with the default value of None. Any object in the exclude_objects list will be excluded from the recursive search. It can be used to avoid double counting the size when objects point to each other.

from slytherin import get_size
get_size(obj=[1,2,3], exclude_objects=None)

import pandas as pd
get_size(obj=pd.DataFrame({'id': range(1000), 'name':['Godric', 'Helga', 'Rowena', 'Salazar']*250}))

colour(text, text_colour, style, background_colour)

The colour() method can be used to add colour to printing text.

The colour are integers from 0 to 7:

  • black: 0
  • red: 1
  • green: 2
  • yellow: 3
  • blue: 4
  • purple: 5
  • cyan: 6
  • white: 7

The style argument is an integer between 0 and 5:

  • normal: 0
  • bold: 1
  • underline: 2
  • negative1: 3
  • negative2: 5
from slytherin import colour
print(colour(text='Hello world!', text_colour=4))