Library that uses Python to connect to Smartsheet services (using API 2.0).

Smartsheet, Collaboration, Project, Management, Excel, spreadsheet
pip install smartsheet-python-sdk==2.105.1


Smartsheet API 2.0 Documentation

API Documentation source files for Smartsheet API 2.0.


This repository contains the source files used to generate the documentation for Smartsheet API 2.0. The actual Smartsheet API 2.0 documentation can be viewed here.

Submitting Feedback

To report documentation bugs or to request documentation enhancements, simply submit an issue here. And, of course, feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or changes.

Running the Docs Locally

Follow the steps below if you'd like to run the documentation locally on your machine.


  • Linux or OS X — Windows may work, but is unsupported.
  • Ruby, version 1.9.3 or newer
  • Bundler — If Ruby is already installed, but the bundle command doesn't work, just run gem install bundler in a terminal.

Getting Set Up

  1. Fork this repository on Github.
  2. Clone your forked repository (not our original one) to your hard drive.
  3. Navigate to the directory of your local repository.
  4. Install all dependencies: bundle install
  5. Start the test server: bundle exec middleman server
  6. View the site in a browser: http://localhost:4567

Learning about Markdown Syntax

This API documentation is based upon Slate and uses Slate markdown syntax.

Release Notes