A python package to predict outcome of an event based on type of data it is fed to.For now it is Loksabha 2019 Elections

pip install sna-prediction==1.1



Master update v4.0 done at 14-05-2019 @ 12:24am


Social Networking Analysis is a technique to analyse a given dataset to extract useful information and understanding the trend. We are currently working on analyzing tweets based onsearch string input,analyse and plot graph for better statistical understanding and prediction purposes. Group project of RCCIIT (Session 2015-19),Department of CSE under mentorship of Mrs.Monika Singh. This repository will hold and be updated all the undergoing changes so far the project has experienced till now and till then. Contributing Members : Devpratim (itsDevhere) Rana (RanaMondal03) Souvik (Souvik08) Soumajit ()

What's done as of now

  • GUI removed for optisation purpose
  • New K-Map slider allows user to dynamically set Degree of network graph
  • Removed day-wise,month-wise graph
  • Added positive tweet per party graph
  • Added funtionality to calculate degree centrality for better prediction

Known Issues:

  • K-Map slider selected less than 3 takes longer time to render the graph

Active Contribution

Devpratim Rana Souvik Soumjit


Program Output