A command-line clipboard utility and snippet catalog

clipboard, snip
pip install snipco==0.2.1



Copies the contents of a saved register, a file, or stdin to the clipboard, or manipulates the registry.

Installing it

To install from pypi:

pip install snipco

From source, there are two ways:

  • If you have make, run:

    make install
  • Otherwise, run:

    ./ install --user


snipco [-h] [-g [name_or_path]] [-s [name]] [-x [name]] [-l]
       [-p [name]] [-f [path]] [-t [text]] [-v]

For command-line help, just run:

snipco --help


All arguments are optional; if no arguments are provided, then snipco will copy the contents of stdin to the clipboard. If --file or --text is the sole argument given, then the contents of the file or quoted text, respectively, will be copied to the clipboard.

-h, --help show help and exit
-g [name_or_path], --get [name_or_path] Copy the contents of the saved register. The named key must exist.
-s [register_name], --set [register_name] Save the input to a named register. Uses stdin as input unless either --file or --text is specified.
-f [path], --file [path] Specify a file to use instead of stdin for --set. If no other arguments are supplied, copies the contents of the given file directly to the clipboard.
-t "text to save", --text "text to save" Specify quote-delimited text on the command-line instead of stdin. If no other arguments are supplied, copies the text directly to the clipboard.
-l, --list List the existing registers
-p [name], --print [name] Print the contents of the named register. The registry key must exist.
-x [register_name], --unset [register_name] Unset the named register.
-v, --version show program's version number and exit


Save text from a file dirctly to the clipboard:

snipco --file path/to/file.txt


cat path/to/file.txt | snipco

Save text to a named register:

snipco --set myregister --text "Hello, world!"

Copy text from the register to the clipboard:

snipco --get myregister

Print text in the register to stdout:

snipco --print myregister

Unset the register:

snipco --unset myregister

List the registers you've saved:

snipco --list