Network equipment simulator

pip install softboxen==0.0.0


Network equipment simulator

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This project is being in active development. Not ready for use yet!

The goal of softboxen project is to simulate the presence of a large number of network devices (such as switches, routers, modems etc) from a system administrator perspective.

These devices should expose their management interfaces and support command-line dialogues in a reasonably convincing way. The main use-case for softboxen is to create a testing environment for network management and automation harness.

The system architecture being considered at the moment is this:

system architecture

How to get softboxen

The softboxen package is distributed under terms and conditions of 2-clause BSD license. Source code is freely available as a GitHub repo.

You could pip install softboxen or download it from PyPI.

If something does not work as expected, open an issue at GitHub.

Copyright (c) 2020, Ilya Etingof. All rights reserved.