YouTube plugin for Sopel

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pip install



YouTube info plugin for Sopel


If possible, use pip to install this plugin. Below are example commands; you might need to add sudo and/or call a different pip (e.g. pip3) depending on your system and environment. Do not use install; Sopel won't be able to load the plugin correctly.

Published release

pip install

From source

# Clone the repo, then run this in /path/to/sopel-youtube
pip install .

Getting your API key

Go to the Google Developers Console and create an application. When it's created, go to the APIs section, select the YouTube Data API and enable it. Then go to the Credentials section, select "Add credentials", pick "API key", and then "Server key". You can enter a name for it and limit the IPs it can be used from, but you don't have to. Copy the value it gives you into the prompt in the config wizard, or the api_key value of the config in the [youtube] section.

Config settings

sopel-youtube supports Sopel's interactive configuration wizard:

sopel-plugins configure youtube

The api_key option is self-explanatory (see above).

If video "watch" links contain a playlist ID, the plugin will show the playlist info as well as the video info by default. To disable this, set playlist_watch to False.

For videos, by default, only the video length, uploader (channel name), view count, and upload date are shown. The included items, and the order in which they appear, depend on the info_items setting, which is a list of keywords. Unrecognized keywords are simply ignored. Supported info_items are:

  • comments (comment count)
  • date (upload time/date)
  • length (duration)
  • uploader (channel name)
  • views (view count)
  • votes_color or votes (likes/dislikes, with or without IRC formatting)