Sphinx Nameko MW Theme

pip install sphinx-nameko-mw-theme==0.0.9


Sphinx Nameko MW Theme

Official Ssphinx theme for Mediaware

Forked from Sphinx theme for Nameko. and combined with elements from the Better theme.

Sphinx Nameko theme was forked from Sphinx Readable Theme and combined with elements of the Read The Docs theme.

Installation and setup

Install from PyPI:

$ pip install sphinx-nameko-mw-theme

And add this to your Sphinx conf.py:

import sphinx_nameko_mw-theme

html_theme_path = [sphinx_nameko_mw_theme.get_html_theme_path()]
html_theme = 'nameko-mw'

Theme options

Nameko MW theme has the following theme options available:

html_theme_options = {

    # Show a logo in the document below the relative links
    # Path is to built file location, not source file location
    # Max width should be less than 940px
    'doc_logo': '_images/mylogo.png',

    # Include a link to the currently used theme in the footer
    'linktotheme': 'True'



An example of Nameko MW theme can be seen at the Github Pages site


Sphinx Nameko-MW Theme is licensed under the MIT license.


Version 0.0.1

Initial fork

Version 0.0.4

  • Added configuration options
  • Modified layout.html template
  • Modified nameko-mw.css_t file