Python wrapper for the Spider API, a way to manage your Spider installation

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pip install spiderpy==1.7.2



Unofficial Python wrapper for the Spider API, to control your Spider installation. Use the same credentials as the ones you use at

This library is not affiliated with Itho Daalderop or Spider and retrieves date from the endpoints of the mobile application. Use at your own risk.

You will need the gateway in order to communicate. If Itho Daalderop ever takes the cloud environment offline, this library will no longer function. If you are looking for a way to control your fan, I would suggest to use as it supports local control.

Currently supports


  • Viewing the current and target temperature
  • Changing operation mode to Heat or Cool
  • Changing the fan speed

Power Plugs

  • Viewing the energy usage and the state of power plugs
  • Enabling or disabling power plug

Home Assistant

This library is being used in Home Assistant as a component.


There is also a Homey integration for Spider available. It however does not use this library.

More information about Spider (Dutch)