Package for scraping soccer data from a variety of sources.

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pip install sportstat==2.0.0


This is ScraperFC, a Python package that I hope will give more people access to soccer data. Gone are the days of downloading spreadsheets one-by-one, copy-pasting, or entering data into spreadsheets by hand. I try to make ScraperFC as easy-to-use as possible so that anybody with a bit of Python experience can use it.

To install ScraperFC, run pip install ScraperFC from the command line.

Data can be scraped from the following sources:

  • FBRef
    • Match and seasonal data for players and teams
  • Understat
    • Match and seasonal data for players and teams
  • FiveThirtyEight
    • Several FiveThirtyEight metrics on a match level (SPI, win probabilities, xG, NSxG, and more)
  • ClubELO
    • ELO scores for teams on a specific date
  • Capology
    • Player salary data
  • Transfermarkt
    • Market value, transfer history, market value history, and more

For documentation, head over to the GitHub's wiki page

For usage examples, look at Examples.ipynb in the code directory or some of my example analyses in the analytics_examples folder.

I'd love to hear your feedback, bugs you find, or new features you want! You can reach me via email at or my Twitter handle is @owen_seymour.