Explore Spotify tracks features and recommended tracks from a playlist

network-graph, spotify-api, spotify-web-api, spotipy
pip install spotixplore==0.2.0


Spotixplore V 0.2.0

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1. What is this about?

Important note: Spotixplore is not finished!

This tool has been created to explore the possibilities of the Spotify WEB API, and more specifically, the way in which music is recommended and related. Spotixplore provides a bunch of metrics for each song track, in order to develop patterns that allow a better understanding of the operation of Spotify, as well as the study of music production and consumption and the effect on users.

Graph Visualization.

The most important part of this tool, is the output for network graph visualization.

Type of Nodes: There are 5 type of nodes.

  • 1: Original tracks from Playlists
  • 2: Recommended tracks
  • 3: Original artists from playlists
  • 4: Artists from recommended tracks
  • 5: Related artists


  • (1)Original tracks --> (2)Recommended tracks
  • (3)Original artists --> (5)Related Artists
  • (3)Recommended tracks --> (4)Artists from recommended tracks


Spotixplore graph image

For each playlist, the tool will output 1 csv with all edges + 1 xlsx with all node information. You'll need a network graph visualization software (such as Gephi) to load this data and create the visualization.

Output Examples Please, visit the folder "output_examples" to see examples.

¿Need help? This tool is under development, and I'm working on it in my free time. Do not hesitate to contact me if you think you can make contributions or want to collaborate.

2. Limitations

Spotify applies some limitations.

If you are interested in limitations. visit:

3. Installation

Option 1: Pip install

...$: pip install spotixplore

Option 2: Hardcode

Step 1: Clone this repository in your pc

...$: git clone

Step 2: Access the main folder

...$: cd spotixlpre

Step 3: Execute install

.../spotixplore/$: python3 install

4. Configuration

To use this applications, you'll need Spotify API credentials:


5. Execution


  1. Go to the installation folder
  2. find
  3. Put your Spotify playlist (one, or more). Following the correct format:
PLAYLISTS = ["4KvPhEa7g4aeCfOp3HMtOj", "anotherplaylist", "anotherplaylist"]

To execute, just run

.../your_path_to/spotixplore/$: python3


.../no_matter_where_you_are/$: python3 -m spotixplore.main

Change the nº of related tracks

Working to make it more easy!

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