Buffering InfluxDB client and mixin for Tornado applications

pip install sprockets-influxdb==2.2.1


Sprockets InfluxDB

Buffering InfluxDB client and mixin for Tornado applications

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sprockets-influxdb is available on the Python package index and is installable via pip:

pip install sprockets-influxdb


Documentation is available at sprockets-influxdb.readthedocs.io.


Configuration can be managed by specifying arguments when invoking sprockets_influxdb.install or by using environment variables.

For programmatic configuration, see the sprockets_influxdb.install documentation.

The following table details the environment variable configuration options.

Variable Definition Default
INFLUXDB_SCHEME The URL request scheme for making HTTP requests https
INFLUXDB_HOST The InfluxDB server hostname localhost
INFLUXDB_PORT The InfluxDB server port 8086
INFLUXDB_USER The InfluxDB server username  
INFLUXDB_PASSWORD The InfluxDB server password  
INFLUXDB_ENABLED Set to false to disable InfluxDB support true
INFLUXDB_INTERVAL How many milliseconds to wait before submitting measurements when the buffer has fewer than INFLUXDB_TRIGGER_SIZE measurements. 60000
INFLUXDB_MAX_BATCH_SIZE Max # of measurements to submit in a batch 10000
INFLUXDB_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE Limit of measurements in a buffer before new measurements are discarded. 25000
INFLUXDB_SAMPLE_PROBABILITY A value that is >= 0 and <= 1.0 that specifies the probability that a batch will be submitted to InfluxDB or dropped. 1.0
INFLUXDB_TRIGGER_SIZE The number of metrics in the buffer to trigger the submission of a batch. 60000
INFLUXDB_TAG_HOSTNAME Include the hostname as a tag in the measurement true

Mixin Configuration

The sprockets_influxdb.InfluxDBMixin class will automatically tag the measurement if the ENVIRONMENT environment variable is set with the environment that the application is running in. Finally, if you are using the Sprockets Correlation Mixin, measurements will automatically be tagged with the correlation ID for a request.


In the following example, a measurement is added to the example InfluxDB database with the measurement name of measurement-name. When the ~tornado.ioloop.IOLoop is started, the stop method is invoked, calling ~sprockets_influxdb.shutdown. ~sprockets_influxdb.shutdown ensures that all of the buffered metrics are written before the IOLoop is stopped.

import logging

import sprockets_influxdb as influxdb
from tornado import ioloop


io_loop = ioloop.IOLoop.current()

measurement = influxdb.Measurement('example', 'measurement-name')
measurement.set_tag('foo', 'bar')
measurement.set_field('baz', 1.05)


def stop():



Version History

Available at https://sprockets-influxdb.readthedocs.org/en/latest/history.html