GitHub Protection, TravisCI and Flake8 tools for LSST DM.

pip install sqre-gtf==0.1.18



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Github TravisCI and Flake8 and update automation for LSST DM SQuaRE.


sqre-gtf runs on Python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6. You can install it with

pip install sqre-gtf

This will also install dependencies:, GitPython, sqre-pytravisci and sqre-codekit.


sqre-gtf provides command line interfaces to use Github, TravisCI and Flake8.

  • github-protect - Enable LSST DM's default Github branch protection.

  • github-travis - Enable TravisCI webhook for repository(ies).

  • github-update - Create a branch and update GitHub repository(ies).

  • github-protect-travis - Add Github branch protection, TravisCI webhooks and flake8 support through one script.

If you haven't used sqre-codekit before you will need to create a Github personal access token and put it in ~/.sq_github_token. The github-auth script can do this on your behalf.

github-auth -u <your_github_login>

        Type in your password to get an auth token from github
        It will be stored in ~/.sq_github_token
        and used in subsequent occasions.

Password for <your_github_login>: <your_github_password>
Enter 2FA code: <your_github_2FA>
Token written to ~/.sq_github_token

The following example adds Github branch protection, enables TravisCI then creates a commit and pull request with a .travis.yml and setup.cfg that runs flake8. This example is for lsst.utils.

github-protect --owner lsst --repo utils --branch_name master
github-travis --owner lsst --repo utils
github-update --owner lsst --repo utils --task stack --branch_name tickets/DM-5637 --commit_message "[DM-5637] Add .travis.yml and setup.cfg to run flake8." --pull --pull_message "[DM-5637] Add .travis.yml and setup.cfg to run flake8."


See the LICENSE file.