Bookmark system between development branches.

pip install squirrel-bookmarks==0.1.0


Squirrel Bookmarks

Bookmark system between development branches.


When I am at work, it's common to work on multiple development branches simultaneously.

For example, when I am developing a new feature on a feature branch feature-param-validation, I want to run a local environment of production branch production. Meanwhile, our QA found a critical bug on the other feature branch feature-remove-tokens.

What do I do?

Single clone of the working repository is not enough for me. So I clone multiple copies of the repositories in my local machine. You can see many directories in the directory of my ~/dev, and each directory is a development branch, e.g. feature-param-validation, feature-remove-tokens, production, etc.

Then it's time for Squirrel Bookmarks. Basically it can do the following 2 things:

  • Switch to a bookmark quickly: When I am doing my development, there are some directories that I frequently cd into. For example, I often cd into client-side/js/components and server-side/src/resources. So I need bookmarks for those directories.

  • Switch to a branch quickly: I also want to switch between branches quickly. As mentioned above, I have multiple branches: feature-param-validation, feature-remove-tokens, production, etc.

Example usage will be like:

$ sq feature-param-validation
jump to /Users/johnlinp/dev/feature-param-validation
$ sq components
jump to /Users/johnlinp/dev/feature-param-validation/client-side/js/components
$ cd checkbox
$ pwd
$ sq production
jump to /Users/johnlinp/dev/production/client-side/js/components/checkbox
$ sq resources
jump to /Users/johnlinp/dev/production/server-side/src/resources


Currently only supports Python 3.5+.

Operation System

Currently tested on:

  • macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)


Please type:

$ sudo pip3 install squirrel-bookmarks

to install.

Setup Config

You have to setup config first.

Please type:

$ squirrel init-config

to initialize your bookmark config at ~/.squirrel.json.

After that, please edit ~/.squirrel.json to meet your needs.


When you want to jump to a branch called production, please type:

$ sq production

When you want to jump to a bookmark named components, please type:

$ sq components