Supersonice Business Jet (SSBJ) tools in Python using a central data schema (XML) approach.

optimization, agile, multidisciplinary, engineering, aircraft, design
pip install ssbjkadmos==0.1.10



SSBJ(SuperSonic Business Jet)-KADMOS(Knowledge- and graph-based Agile Design for Multidisciplinary Optimization System) is a small repository containing tools defined by NASA for the analysis of an SSBJ. The tools have been defined by NASA, were developed in Python by ONERA and have been KADMOSized by TU Delft.

SSBJ test case definition: SSBJ OpenMDAO (Python) implementation:

Repository Structure

The repository is structured as follows:

  • dist/

    contains copies of all major distributions of SSBJ-KADMOS

  • ssbj-kadmos/

    • tools

      contains the KADMOS compatible SSBJ analysis tools

    • utils

      contains utility functions


      configuration file for the tools and the used data schema


    contains the license


    contains this document


Original Python implementation for OpenMDAO integration developed by Sylvain Dubreuil and Remi Lafage of ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab. The files were adjusted for optimal use in KADMOS by Imco van Gent (TU Delft) as per this repository.


0.1.8 (28/02/2019)

  • Fixed issue with matrix multiplication in Python 3 for Structures component.
  • Updated OpenLEGO version in requirements.

0.1.7 (21/01/2019)

  • Fixed issue with capitalization of in file.

0.1.6 (27/10/2018)

  • Changed required openlego version.

0.1.5 (27/10/2018)

  • Changed required openlego version.

0.1.4 (27/10/2018)

  • Changed required openlego version.

0.1.3 (21/10/2018)

  • Added analytic partials determination to all disciplines (except outputfunctions). Implementation based on openlego.

0.1.2 (15/08/2018)

  • Renamed to "ssbjkadmos" to avoid issues with hyphen on package imports.

0.1.1 (15/08/2018)

  • Updated files based on OpenLEGO runs and CMDOWS 0.9 developments.
  • Added start files and results of different CMDOWS files.
  • Renamed main folder (from "ssbjkadmos" to "ssbj-kadmos") to match distribution name.

0.1.0 (01/08/2018)

  • First public release