SecretManager class to retrieve secrets from AWS System Manager Parameter Store

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pip install ssm-secret-manager==0.1.1


AWS SSM Parameter Store SecretManager class

This class provides some functions for retrieving secrets / parameters stored in AWS Parameter Store

Getting started

pip install ssm_secret_manager

Create a SecretManager instance

from ssm_secret_manager import SecretManager

    'region_name': 'us-east-1',
    'SECRETS': {
        'secret_name_1': 'secret_key_1_in_parameter_store',
        'secret_name_2': 'secret_key_2_in_parameter_store'

secret_manager = SecretManager(

SecretManager will fetch the value from parameter store based on the key defined in the secrets_mapping dictionary, and set the value of the parameter to the secret name.

# subsequently, you access the secret via the following line
secret_value_1 = secret_manager.get_secret('secret_name_1')
secret_value_2 = secret_manager.get_secret('secret_name_2')

Common Question

  1. Encountered ParameterNotFound

    • Make sure the secret is being defined in the correct region in AWS, and your AWS profile has the permission to view the secret (i.e. correct IAM role permission)
  2. What is the differences between secret_name and secret_key_in_parameter_store shown in the code example?

    • secret_key_in_parameter_store is the name of the parameter in AWS Parameter Store

      AWS Parameter Store

    • secret_name allows you to have a common variable / key name to access to the value of secret given different environment

    • For example, you have a secret_name - DB_PASSWORD. In dev environment your secret_key_in_parameter_store might be set to DEV_DB_PASSWORD while your prod environment it's set to PROD_DB_PASSWORD. Using SecretManager, you can retrieve the value for different environment using the common key name DB_PASSWORD, i.e.