Statick analysis plugins for Markdown files.

pip install statick-md==0.0.2


Statick Markdown Plugins

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This is a set of plugins for Statick that will discover Markdown (md) files and perform static analysis on those files.

The current plugins will discover Web files in a project and can be configured to check those files using

Custom exceptions can be applied the same way they are with Statick exceptions.


The recommended method to install these Statick plugins is via pip:

pip install statick-md

You can also clone the repository and use it locally.


Make sure you install all the dependencies from apt/npm:

cat install.txt | xargs sudo apt-get install -y
cat npm-deps.txt | xargs sudo npm install -g

Dependency Versions

Markdownlint-cli has occasionally changed defaults via an upgrade that results in lots of new warnings. To mitigate this you can pin the version of markdownlint-cli in npm-deps.txt by changing markdownlint-cli to markdownlint-cli@0.19.

Pip Install

The most common usage is to use statick and statick-md from pip. In that case your directory structure will look like the following:

  • doc
    • md-project
    • statick-output

To run with the default configuration for the statick-md tools use:

statick md-project/ statick-output/ --profile md-profile.yaml

Pip Install and Custom Configuration

There are times when you will want to have a custom Statick configuration. This is usually done to run a different set of tools than are called out in the default profile, or to add exceptions. For this case you will have to add the new Statick configuration somewhere. This example will have custom exceptions in the md-project, such that the directory structure is:

  • doc
    • md-project
      • statick-config
        • rsc
          • exceptions.yaml
    • statick-output

For this setup you will run the following:

statick md-project/ statick-output/ --user-paths md-project/statick-config/ --profile md-profile.yaml

Source Install and Custom Configuration

The last type of setup will be to have all of the tools available from cloning repositories, not installing from pip. The directory structure will look like:

  • doc
    • md-project
      • statick-config
        • rsc
          • exceptions.yaml
    • statick-output
    • statick
    • statick-md

Using the example where we want to override the default exceptions with custom ones in the md-project, the command to run would be:

./statick/statick md-project/ statick-output/ --user-paths statick-md/,md-project/statick-config/ --profile md-profile.yaml

Tests and Contributing

If you write a new feature for Statick or are fixing a bug, you are strongly encouraged to add unit tests for your contribution. In particular, it is much easier to test whether a bug is fixed (and identify future regressions) if you can add a small unit test which replicates the bug.

Before submitting a change, please run tox to check that you have not introduced any regressions or violated any code style guidelines.