Encode and decode files through the standard input/output

pip install std-encode==0.2.3



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Encode and decode files through standard input/output.


Encode files piping them into std_encode

$ std_encode -t input_test.txt
>>>>>>>>>> START t input_test.txt
Some test
text file
<<<<<<<<<< END

The encoded text can be then decoded and saved with std_decode

$ std_encode -t input_test.txt | std_decode
######### DECODED FILE input_test.txt
$ cat input_test.txt
Some test
text file


The package is available in PyPI

pip install std-encode


  • A log shows that a file has been decoded
  • Text and binary files are supported (binary are default).
  • std_decode is capable of decoding more than one file in the same stream
  • Any line in the stream that's not part of a file will be replicated in the standard output.

Why is this useful for?

In some cases, standard input/output is a convenient and easy way of communication. Transfering a file is not as simple.

For example, the problem that originated it was to retrieve files from a docker container running in Kubernetes. Obtaining the text log is easy calling docker logs or kubectl logs, but retrieving files requires more plumbing.

In the operation, while creating logs, multiple files can be encoded, and then all will be retrieved piping the logs through std_decode, generating a resulting log like this one:

========================= test session starts ==========================
platform darwin -- Python 3.7.0, pytest-3.9.2, py-1.7.0, pluggy-0.8.0
rootdir: /Users/jaimebuelta/Dropbox/code/std_encode, inifile:
plugins: cram-0.2.0
collected 8 items

tests/base.t .                                                   [ 12%]
tests/double_file.t .                                            [ 25%]
tests/encode_decode_image.t .                                    [ 37%]
tests/encode_decode_text.t .                                     [ 50%]
tests/encode_image.t .                                           [ 62%]
tests/encode_text.t .                                            [ 75%]
tests/single_file.t .                                            [ 87%]
tests/ .                                               [100%]

======================= 8 passed in 2.22 seconds =======================

######### DECODED FILE junit_test.xml
######### DECODED FILE html_report.html