Python Module for managing Station Databases

pip install stdb==0.1.3


StDb: Station Database Module and associated Tools

StDb is a package containing tools for building a database of station information from geophysical observatories. The code is used through command-line scripts and include several options for querying an online fdsn archive, list the content of an existing station database, merge existing databases, and manually append new station information (e.g., for stations not hosted on any fdsn archive).

The resulting station dictionary is used in various seismic applications, such as SplitPy, RfPy, OrientPy, and OBStools.

Installation, Usage, API documentation and scripts are described at


All constructive contributions are welcome, e.g. bug reports, discussions or suggestions for new features. You can either open an issue on GitHub or make a pull request with your proposed changes. Before making a pull request, check if there is a corresponding issue opened and reference it in the pull request. If there isn't one, it is recommended to open one with your rationale for the change. New functionality or significant changes to the code that alter its behavior should come with corresponding tests and documentation. If you are new to contributing, you can open a work-in-progress pull request and have it iteratively reviewed.