Join Messenger conversation screenshots.

pip install stitcher==1.0.0



Stitcher is a command-line utility for joining Messenger conversation screenshots.


$ pip install stitcher


General usage:

$ stitch <profile> <outfile> <images>...

Combine IMG_0001.PNG and IMG_0002.PNG taken on an iPhone 5S, saving the result to composition.png:

$ stitch IPHONE_5S composition.png IMG_0001.PNG IMG_0002.PNG IMG_0003.PNG

Combine all .png files in the present working directory using the profile for LG’s G3 phone, outputting to combined.png:

$ stitch LG_G3 combined.png *.png


Profiles define parameters used by Stitcher to join images. They are stored within the profiles directory, organised by device manufacturer. The following options can be specified:

Name Description Default
mode The image format RGBA
header_height The number of pixels of vertical height to crop from the top of the image Required
footer_height The number of pixels of vertical height to crop from the bottom of the image Same as header_height
additional_message_gap The vertical spacing between messages from the same sender Required
reply_message_gap The vertical spacing between two messages sent by different participants Same as additional_message_gap

If you’d like to add a missing a profile for your device, create a new file if necessary, and add a dictionary with the device’s details. Please consider contributing it in a pull request so others may benefit!