Stowaway gives simple docker image deployment through vagrant provisioned machines.

pip install stowaway==0.0.2


Stowaway gives simple docker image deployment through vagrant provisioned machines.

Uses vagrant-aws to deploy to AWS.

Application Management

In addition to deploying docker images stowaway provides services for managing applications.

Services used for application management:

  • Redis for routing state
  • Hipache for load balancing http services


  • fabric
  • python-vagrant
  • micromodels-ng
  • microcollections



pip install stowaway

Create a new cluster:

#create a directory to hold your cluster's state and config
mkdir mydockercluster && cd mydockercluster

#installs a local docker registry
stowaway install_local_registry

#will ask configuration questions, be sure to configure your security group
stowaway embark

#allows for multi-node web app scaling
stowaway install_app_mgmt

Adding and managing apps in the cluster:

#in some directory: docker build -t myapp .
#upload the image and register the app
stowaway upload_image:<app image>
stowaway add_app:<name>,<app image>
#configure app environ
stowaway app_config:<name>,KEY1=VALUE1,KEY2=VALUE2
stowaway app_remove_config:<name>,KEY1,KEY2
#num=-1 to descale
stowaway app_scale:<name>[,<num=1>,<process>]
stowaway app_add_domain:<name>,<domain>

Shell into your app:

stowaway appshell:<name>

More Commands

Upload and run a docker image:

stowaway upload_image:myapplication
stowaway run_image:myapplication

See what makes up your cluster:

stowaway list_instances
stowaway list_nodes

Install and configure application management:

#for cluster creation
stowaway install_app_mgmt

#or do it manually:
stowaway build_base
stowaway upload_image:sys/redis
stowaway upload_image:sys/hipache
stowaway run_image:sys/redis,PASSWORD=r4nd0m
stowaway run_image:sys/hipache,ports=80:80,REDIS_URI=redis://:r4nd0m@ip/0
stowaway register_balancer:<hipache path>,<redis uri>[,<name>]