A lightweight experimentation toolkit for data scientists.

data-science, execution, experiments, research, tracking
pip install stratosphere==0.1.68



A lightweight experimentation toolkit for data scientists.

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Designed to be accessibile, fast and robust. stratosphere lets you:

  1. Define programmatically your experiments
  2. Execute them in parallel with different backends
  3. Track their predictions and metrics
  4. Store them as plain tables and pickled objects
  5. Query them with SQL, Pandas or Python

How is it possible?


On Python >= 3.8.0:

  • With PyPI: pip install "stratosphere[complete]" --upgrade # Install everything
  • With Poetry: poetry add stratosphere@latest --extras complete # Install everything

On Python 3.7.13-15 with Google Colab or Binder, execute the following at the beginning of the notebook:

# Install dependencies
!pip install pandas joblib sqlalchemy sqlalchemy-utils ulid-py cloudpickle colorama tqdm --upgrade

# Install [complete] extras, required to run the tutorial
!pip install tabulate scikit-learn dask[complete] --upgrade

# Install the latest stratosphere version, ignoring the python version and dependencies
!pip install stratosphere --upgrade --ignore-requires-python --no-dependencies

# Resolve ContextualVersionConflict errors, due to broken dependencies
import importlib
import pkg_resources

You can also install only the stratosphere library (dropping the [complete] extras). Modules like stratosphere.utils.dask, stratosphere.utils.metrics, and stratosphere.utils.widgets won't work until you also install dask[complete], scikit-learn, and ipywidgets, respectively. These extras are required to run some of the tutorial notebooks.


  • In the intro notebook, you'll be exposed to the key concepts. It runs entirely in the browser.
  • In the tutorial notebooks, you'll cover the advanced topics. Working locally, on Colab and on Binder.

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This project is licensed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License.


See the development page.


Work in progress!