Conventionalizing imports for scientific computing and beyond.

pip install stt==0.1.24



Convenience imports for base packages emulating the core functionality of other languages in scientific computing.

base imports

pip install stt
>>> from stt.R import *

# Is then equivalent to:

>>> import pandas as pd
>>> import scipy.stats as st
>>> import statsmodels.api as sm

While Python, being quite universal language, is good at doing many things, sometimes doing things that's easy in other languages requires a number of imports.

For example, to emulate the base-R language functionality, import:

import pandas
import scipy.stats
import statsmodels

To eulate the Matlab's functionality, we would probably import:

import numpy
import scipy.optimize
import scipy.integrate
import scipy.interpolate

To emulate Maple functionality, we would probably start from:

import sympy

I'd like to start creating a package, which would allow for faster one-line imports, so that I could just pip install base and say, do:

from base.MATLAB import *

To automatically import these packages. I'm not sure how to accomplish this the best, but some of the packages have standard imports in scientific community, like, e.g.:

import sympy as S
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

I think we should try to take a look at what are the conventions already, and stick to them when it is reasonable, and suggest new ones.