Subtitle File Downloader

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pip install subdl2==1.0.1



subdl2 is a simple python command line tool to download subtitle files for videos and tv series.


Python version >= 2.7


Using pip

pip install subdl2
# or
sudo pip install subdl2

or the usual way

download any of these and extract to a folder:

then do this

$ cd subdl2_folder
$ python install
# or
$ sudo python install


subdl2 (-h | --help)
subdl2 (-v | --version)
subdl2 --list-langs
subdl2 <video_title>|<folder_name>|<file_name> [--lang=<language>]

  * -h or --help flag is used to show this help messages.
  * -v or --version flag is used to show the currently installed version of subdl2.
  * --list-langs flag is used to see a full list of supported language.
  * if a folder name is passed, it will download subtitles for all available video files inside of that folder.
    if a file name is passed, it will download subtitle for only that file.
    if argument does not match any folder or a file's name, it will be considered as video title and subdl2 will try to download a subtitle matching that title.
  * --lang is optional and is used to define the language (e.g --lang=Spanish or --lang=13). default is English. for a list of supported languages, please refer to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES.txt
  * subtitle files will be downloaded to current working directory.


$ subdl2 "movie_name year quality" --lang=Spanish
[Success] Destination file: E:\
[Success] Subtitle downloaded successfully.

Tip: When you search for a subtitle, try to include not only the movie name, but the release year and quality of that video (e.g 1080p/720p). In this way, you'll have a better chance to find the perfect subtitle for your video file.


Please report an issue here:


Contributions are always welcomed, refer to to make a pull request.