A Twisted Trial reporter which emits Subunit v2 streams.

pip install subunitreporter==19.3.2



PyPI Package

What is this?

subunitreporter is a plugin for Twisted Trial which adds two new reporters. The subunitv2 reporter emits subunit v2 result streams with timing information. The subunitv2-b64 reporter emits the same information, base64-encoded. The subunitv2-file reporter emits the same information, written directly to a file instead of the normal trial output stream. The subunitv2-file reporter can also emit progress information to the normal reporting stream (usually stdout) to avoid falling prey to hang-detection based on amount of time with no output.

Usage Sample

Use this with your trial command-lines. For example:

$ trial --reporter=subunitv2 ... | subunit-stats
$ trial --reporter=subunitv2-b64 ... | base64 -d | subunit-stats
$ SUBUNITREPORTER_OUTPUT_PATH=results.subunit2 trial --reporter=subunitv2-file ...
$ SUBUNITREPORTER_OUTPUT_PATH=results.subunit2 trial --rterrors --reporter=subunitv2-file ...


To install the latest version of subunitreporter using pip:

$ pip install subunitreporter

For additional development dependencies, install the dev extra:

$ pip install subunitreporter[dev]


subunitreporter uses pyunit-style tests. After installing the development dependencies, you can run the test suite with trial:

$ pip install subunitreporter[dev]
$ trial subunitreporter


subunitreporter is open source software released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.