SSH Wallet for your personal computer!

pip install sw-cli==0.0.2



sw is a super simple SSH wallet for your servers!


Simply install sw-cli from the PyPI.

pip install sw-cli


You can add however many ssh servers to your wallet you like. To this, simply run

sw add production user@12.345.67.89

And then connect to production with

sw connect production

Listing registered servers

sw list

Removing servers

To remove a server, run sw remove SERVER_LABEL like:

sw remove production

Renaming servers

To rename a server, run sw rename OLD_NAME NEW_NAME:

sw rename production prod
sw connect prod # success!

Exporting your wallet

Export your wallet to JSON and share it with co-workers, store it in cloud, etc.

sw export > wallet.json

Importing a wallet

Importing a wallet adds the keys from an exported JSON file to your current wallet.

Important: if both wallets have definitions for a given server name, the old one is going to be overridden!

sw import wallet.json