This is a Python library for building IVMS data structure.

sygna-bridge-util, sygna, bridge, sygna-bridge, ecosystem, ivms
pip install sygna-bridge-ivms-util==0.0.6


Sygna Bridge IVMS Utils

The IVMS util is an open source library to help you generate the data for interVASP messaging within Sygna Bridge Ecosystem.

Please navigate to language specific packages to see detailed description.

If you want to generate this util for you language

  • Navigate to and install openapi code generator in your system
  • Execute openapi-codegen using bridge_and_ivms.json as input
  • For example:
    java -jar openapi-generator-cli.jar \
      generate -i path/to/bridge_and_ivms.json \
      -g typescript-fetch \
      -t /path/to/custom/template \
      -o /path/to/output
  • If generated code does not fit your requirements, you can get language-specific template and edit yourself
    java -jar openapi-generator-cli.jar \
      author template -g typescript-fetch \
      -o /path/to/template/output
  • For more information about code generator, visit

IVMS definition is inspired by