Wrapper class to run async code synchronously

asyncio, async, blocking, non-blocking
pip install synchrio==0.7.post1



Synchrio is a tool that allows you to wrap an object containing asynchronous code and run it fully in blocking code. The wrapper class simply executes async functions rather than return a coroutine for them, and doesn't limit any functionality of the wrapped object.

This is useful for creating libraries that can be used in blocking or non-blocking code. Create the library using async, and have another version where the top level module is wrapped with the AsyncWrapper class for users who want to run your code synchronously (You can even use the wrapped version to test without async!)

Using Synchrio

To use Synchrio, all you need to do is pass an object to the AsyncWrapper class. The object can be a module, class, function, coroutine, etc.. Any time you try to call a coroutine, it will be run in an asyncio event loop for the wrapper. If you'd like to see a working example, you can test it on aiohttp (although this isn't the best use case of Synchrio):