Peek Platform - Meta Package to install all services

pip install synerty-peek==1.2.2


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Synerty Peek

What is Peek

Peek is semi distributed pluggable python platform.

Peek provides a platform for Python similar to the functionality JBOSS provides for JAVA. (Or at least that is in the intention, it's early days)

The Big Bang

Peek was created and is maintained by Synerty to be a distributed, pluggable python platform that provides many of the core services needed for enterprise applications.

We wanted to integrate smaller peices of code, that can leverage different existing boilerplate code which the platform provides. For example, services for parallel processing or services for business integrations.

The Peek Platform allows developers to better write and integrate smaller units of code.

Synerty uses the Peek platform to provide scalable enterprise grade applications to the power utilities sector.

Cross Platform

Peek is compatible with the following operating systems

  • Linux (Preferred)
    • Debian 8
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 6+
  • Windows (64bit only)
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 2008R2
    • Windows 2012R2


The Peek Platform is integrated with some fantastic technologies, here is a run down:

  • Reactive / observable data transport, using:
    • Synerty VortexPY, VortexJS (Synerty's observable, routable, data serialisation and transport library)
    • RxPY
  • Reactive framework, using:
    • Twisted
  • A web based user and admin site, using:
    • Bootstrap3
    • Angular2+, Angular CLI
    • Typescript
    • FontAwesome
    • Web Sockets with HTTP Fallback
  • A native mobile app, using:
    • Nativescript2+
    • Angular2+
    • Typescript
    • FontAwesome
    • Web Sockets
  • Persistent Storage, using:
    • Alembic
    • SQLAlchemy
    • PostGreSQL (NoSQL and SQL) (Preferred), or
    • MS SQL Server (SQL Only)
  • Multiprocessing worker services, using:
    • Celery
    • rabbitmq
    • redis
  • External data input / output (EG, External SQL or SOAP), for example:
    • SOAPpy
    • txSuds
    • cxOracle
    • Any other libraries your plugins wants to install

Browser Support

Peek provides two separate web apps, one for administration, and one for users. These web applications are tested against the following browsers.

Current Browser Support

  • Desktop
    • Chrome
    • IE 11 and above
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari on Mac
  • Mobile
    • Safari on iOS
    • Mobile Chrome

How to Use Peek Documention

The Peek platform documentation is designed like code (IE, Modular).