Sysadmin utility classes and scripts

system management utility scripts
pip install systematic==4.8.7


System admin scripts and utility classes

Systematic is a collection of OS level and programming tools for python, mainly just packing stuff I use all the time to one place.

Supported operating systems

Myself I use this module regularly on:

  • Linux (debian, ubuntu, fedora, centos/redhat)
  • FreeBSD 11
  • MacOS

Windows support would not really even make sense, because this module is written for unix CLI tools. It may work in windows 10 ubuntu environment but will not be tested because I have no windows computers.

Please browse the sources for more information.

Note about python2 support

Since version 4.8.5 this tool has been used and tested on python 3 only. Older python2 scripts are still expected to be supported, please contact if you find any compatibility issues.