Twitter to Mastodon timeline forwarding tool

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pip install t2m==0.1.0


t2m - Twitter 2 Mastodon

A script to manage the forwarding of tweets from Twitter accounts to a Mastodon one.


On debian/ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

virtualenv ve
source ve/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you need twitter API credentials. Following this tutorial https://python-twitter.readthedocs.io/en/latest/getting_started.html then create a conf.yaml file of this format:

consumer_key: "..."
consumer_secret: "..."
access_token_key: "..."
access_token_secret: "..."

The credentials for Mastodon are automatically generated at the first startup.


One account

Forward for one account:

./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account

This will forward all not already forwarded tweet (this can be up to 200) while waiting 30 seconds between each toot. This will also remember the mastodon account (so you don't need to specify it again).

RT and tweets that starts with a "@" won't be forwarded.

You might want a finer control on your action, so you can do:

./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -n 10

To forward only 10 tweet (be careful: if you relaunch the command this will forward 10 other tweets that weren't already forwarded).

You can also mark the whole available tweet as "already seen" without forwarding them so they'll never be forwarded in the future by using this command:

./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -o

If you want to test your commands without forwarding you can simply uses the -d (or --debug) option:

./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -d
./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -n 10 -d


In general, when I had a new account I look at its timeline, read how many tweets make sens then do:

./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -n <number of tweets>
./t2m one twitter_account -m mastodon_account -o

Several accounts

To forward tweets for all accounts, simply run:

./t2m all

This is a good command to put inside a crontab.

To check all accounts that will be forwarded, do a:

./t2m list

You can also add an account directly without using the one command using:

./t2m add twitter_account mastodon_account


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