Create dynamic forms in Django

pip install tanuki==0.1.6


Tanuki - creating dynamic forms


Currently in only can be installed from the git repository. A package on PYPI will be available as soon as possible.

pip install -e git+


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Using the admin interface you can create surveys, add questions, give questions categories, and mark them as required or not. the front-end survey view then automatically populates based on the questions that have been defined in the admin interface.

Submitted responses can also be viewed via the admin backend and signal is sended when a survey is completed, to allow the use of data in another app.


Some inspiration came from olders app (django-survey by flynnguy and django-survey by jessykate) app, but this app uses a different model architecture and different mechanism for dynamic form generation.


this code is licensed under the affero general public license.

The GNU General Public License permits making a modified version and letting the public access it on a server without ever releasing its source code to the public... The GNU Affero General Public License is designed specifically to ensure that, in such cases, the modified source code becomes available to the community. It requires the operator of a network server to provide the source code of the modified version running there to the users of that server.

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