Adobe Target Python SDK

pip install target-python-sdk==1.0.0


Adobe Target Python SDK

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All currently maintained versions of Python are supported, see Python Releases. Older Python releases may likely work too, but are not officially supported.

NPM 6+ (required by openapi-generator-cli)
Java 8+ (required by openapi-generator)
GNU Make


Various build commands are supported via Makefile, but first you must export environment variable PYTHON_PATH to specify which python install to use to set up your virtual env.

$ export PYTHON_PATH=python2.7  # Symlink to Mac OS built-in version of python
$ export PYTHON_PATH=/usr/local/bin/python3

Setup virtual env to make it easy to switch between python 2.7 and 3

$ make new_env          # Deletes existing virtual env and creates new one based on PYTHON_PATH
$ make install          # Install dependencies in virtual env

Code generation

The SDK depends on Target Open API. It uses Open API and the Open API generator to generate the low level HTTP client.

To be able to use Target Open API for code generation, we are leveraging Git subtree.

To import Target Open API as openapi folder please use commands:

$ git subtree add --prefix openapi main --squash

To refresh the imported subtree use this command:

$ git subtree pull --prefix openapi main --squash

Once all the tools are installed, there is no need to invoke them directly, everything is wrapped in a Makefile command, which can be invoked by running:

$ make codegen

Run tests and format code

$ make test
$ make format

Release build package

Releases are triggered through Github publish workflow. Input version part to update before publishing to pypi - [patch, minor, major]

Running Github Workflows on forked repositories

Github Workflows don't run on forked repositories by default. You must enable GitHub Actions in the Actions tab of the forked repository.

See more details at


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.