Checkout cached repositories served by TaskCluster

pip install taskcluster-checkout==0.1.1


TaskCluster Checkout (tc-checkout)

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This is a python client to access cached mercurial repositories served by TaskCluster.

Running taskcluster-checkout

You can install this package via PyPI:

pip install taskcluster-checkout

To run the tool for development, pip install the requirements into your virtualenv:

git checkout https://github.com/acmiyaguchi/taskcluster-checkout.git
cd taskcluster-checkout
pip install -e .[test]

The [test] installs the requirements for testing as well. Omit this if you won't be running tests.


tc-checkout [-h] directory baseUrl [headUrl] [headRev] [headRef]

positional arguments:
  directory   Target directory which to clone and update
  baseUrl     Base repository to clone
  headUrl     Head url to fetch changes from. If this value is not given
              baseUrl is used.
  headRev     Revision/changeset to pull from the repository. If not given
              this defaults to the "tip"/"master" of the default branch.
  headRef     Reference on head to fetch this should usually be the same value
              as headRev primarily this may be needed for cases where you are
              fetching a revision from a git branch but must fetch the
              reference and then proceed to checkout the particular revision
              you want (git generally does not support pulling specific
              revisions only references). If not given defaults to headRev.
              NOTE: This option is not currently supported and is ignored.

Run tc-checkout --help for the help information.