Taskwarrior wrapper for manual ordering of a focus list

pip install taskwarrior-focus==0.1.10



Taskwarrior wrapper for manual ordering of a focus list

Website: https://github.com/babadoo/taskwarrior-focus
Source: https://github.com/babadoo/taskwarrior-focus
Documentation: https://github.com/babadoo/taskwarrior-focus/README.rst
License: BSD License


This wrapper around taskwarrior allows to add tasks to a 'focus list'.
The tasks can be sorted by the user, by moving up and down in a list,
putting tasks at the top or bottom of the list, or by inserting tasks
after or before a specified task.


  • focus list report
  • user defined attribute (UDA) 'focus'
  • manual sorting of tasks by focus attribute
  • move tasks up and down the focus list
  • move tasks to top and bottom of focus list
  • move tasks before or after a specified task

Current Release

The current alpha version of taskwarrior-focus is 0.1, released 2016-08-02.


pip install taskwarrior-focus
task config uda.focus.type numeric
task config uda.focus.label Focus
task config uda.focus.default 0
task config report.focus.description 'List of tasks to focus on'
task config report.focus.columns 'id,priority,project,description,urgency,focus'
task config report.focus.filter 'status:pending and focus.not:0'
task config report.focus.sort 'focus+'
tw init


Call task with tw wrapper without arguments:


Pass arguments to task as usual:

tw list
tw 5 mod pri:H

Set task 3 on top of focus list:

tw top 3

Show focus list:

tw focus

Or the short version:

tw fo

Set task 7 on bottom of focus list:

tw bottom 7

Insert task 5 after task 3 in focus list:

tw after 5 3

Insert task 8 before task 5 in focus list:

tw before 8 5

Move task 7 up in the focus list:

tw up 7

Move task 7 down in the focus list:

tw down 7

Display timetable report for today:

tw tt