Convert LibTAS input files into MIDI

pip install tasmidi==0.1.0



What is this?

tasmidi is a collection of tools used to convert a LibTAS input file into a MIDI file. There are two steps to this: producing a mapping file to tell the program what notes correspond to what input, and using that mapping file to create the MIDI.


pip install tasmidi

How do I get the input file?

Assuming that your LibTAS movie file is called tas-movie.ltm:

tar xvzf tas-movie.ltm

This will produce several files, but the only one that we are interested in is called inputs.


Both commands in this package have their own --help flag for specific usage. A typical workflow looks like:

tasmidi-map inputs > mapping.json # Generate a mapping file for the inputs
tasmidi-convert inputs -m mapping.json # Use that mapping and the input file to create a MIDI