A Tcl kernel for Jupyter

jupyter, kernel, notebook, python, tcl, tcltk
pip install tcl_kernel==0.0.4


A Jupyter Kernel for Tcl

This uses the version of Tcl that comes with Python, through Tkinter, so you do not need to install anything else.

Not packaged up to pip yet, so to test out, clone the repository:

pip3 install tcl_kernel
python3 -m tcl_kernel.install

To use try one of these:

jupyter notebook
# Then select the Tcl option in the 'New' section
jupyter qtconsole --kernel tcl
jupyter console --kernel tcl

For details of how this works, see the Jupyter docs on wrapper kernels. Copyright 2015-2016 Ryan Pepper, Thomas Kluyver, Hans Fangohr, University of Southampton.

This work was supported by an EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre grant (EP/L015382/1).