Routing web apps by convention

pip install tekton==4.3


Observação: para documentação em português leia o capítulo 3 do livro App Engine e Python.


Microarchitecture that allow routing by convention

This is a new name for the older

Inside the project source code there is a folder called "project_template"

You can use it as a template for your app. It is running, as example, on

Navigate to project_template/src/venv and run:

On Linux


On Windows (must run as admin on comand line)


It will build a virtualven on the venv folder and create a symlink on src, so Google App Engine can see the your installed libraries.

You can run this command again this anytime you want to add or upgrade a lib on requirements.txt

You need python 2.7 to be installed on your computer and the Google App Engine SDK

After adding the SDK in your path, you can navigate to project_template/src and run the command: . --port=8088

This command will start the local server on localhost:8088

The framework documentation is on github wiki:

The lib is available on pypi:

pip install tekton