Utility library for textual data visualization

data graph ascii visualization
pip install termdraw==0.1


termdraw - ASCII/Unicode art data visualizer

termdraw is a utility written in Python 3 that draws CSV data of form x,y as text graphs.

$ termdraw data.csv

Assume data.csv contains a list of (x,y) points, graph those points, print the result to stdout.

$ echo "1,2 2,3 3,4;4,5" | termdraw -

Read standard input and graph x,y points. Data received via stdin must have the following format: x,y[%Sx,y...], where %S is a separator (a single space or semicolon).

$ termdraw data.csv --width=50 -h 20

Draw graph limited to the width of 50 characters and height of 20 lines.

$ termdraw data.csv -a

Only use ASCII symbols in output.

$ termdraw data.csv -s

Draw a solid graph (fills values at or below the points).

$ termdraw data.csv -p

Draw a point graph (does not fill below the values). This flag is on by default.

$ termdraw data.csv -si

Draw a solid graph with linear interpolation between points.

$ termdraw --help

Print a help message.